90 Minute Hypno-Relaxation Gift Voucher

Hypno-Relaxation is designed for those seeking to indulge their mind with a session of complete calm and serenity. This non-clinical treatment will allow you to escape the everyday chaos of juggling work, finances, stress, and fatigue by fully immersing your mind in a soothing, uplifting and nurturing trance state.

This treatment is suitable for anyone in need of a “mental massage”. You will experience powerful positive suggestions of idyllic scenery and euphoric emotions. A guided hypnotic muscular relaxation is also included in the session to melt away the tension in the body, before relaxing and pampering the mind.

Customers come away from their Hypno-Relaxation treatment feeling revitalised, optimistic, uplifted, and refocused. Why not experience the tranquillity of Hypno-Relaxation session for yourself? This treatment could also be the perfect gift for a deserving loved one.

From: £29.00